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  1. Eve says:

    Beautifully captured!

    Garden wedding has always been my fantasy. =D

  2. robin says:

    Hi Eve,
    Thanks a lot !! So I am guessing your wedding will be a garden wedding? Aahhhhh

  3. nafim says:

    Hey Robins.. your pictures is superb.. thanx for sharing. You did inspired me to do more with my Oly :)

  4. Pei says:
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  5. Pei says:

    Hi, Robin:
    I was first attracted to your blog by your E5 Reveiw , I do enjoy the way you describe the new camera, with less of cliche and technical jargons , you sounds like talking about a new but good companion on your way to taking pictures, later, I looked the pictures in your photo gallery ,they are so fabulous and the wedding pictures are also very story-telling, you are really a telented photographer and writer. Thank for sharing your idea and pictures

  6. Robin, you do a really nice job with that humble 520 and the great 50 f2. I like the way to handle the light, well exposed on the faces, not concerned if it blows in back. Looks really good. Do you only use the 50f2 and 11-22? Seems to be a good combination.

  7. robin says:

    Hi Nafim,
    Thanks !! Olympus is a great camera system.

    Hi Pei,
    Thank you so much for commenting. You are probably the first Taiwan reader I have to comment on my blog (including my main blo).

    Hey John,
    Thanks very much !! Olympus has issues with dynamic range, hence easily overblown on the highlight regions. I only had to concentrate on the faces to get them properly exposed.
    Yes, I only use 11-22mm for all the wide shots and 50mm for close-up shots.

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